Brightvine's Vision

In our journey to provide our clients with the world’s most advanced mortgage automation platform, a recurring theme we often encounter is the principle of "trust but verify." This adage reflects a common challenge: the need to continually double-check data, even when it's presumed accurate.

At Brightvine, we've turned this challenge into our driving force. We are creating a new infrastructure for mortgage due diligence, combining deep industry expertise with the latest technologies to set a new standard in data trustworthiness.

By eliminating the constant need for verification, data shared across parties becomes inherently trustworthy and the phrase "trust but verify" becomes simply "trust." That's the world Brightvine is creating.

Our revolutionary approach builds decades of mortgage expertise on top of cutting-edge AI with the immutable security of blockchain to provide 100% accurate, trustworthy data that doesn't require second-guessing. This marks a significant leap from the conventional "docs-to-data" model to a future where efficiency, accuracy, and profitability are enhanced without compromise.

This is Brightvine.

Meet the Team

Joe Vellanikaran
CEO, Co-Founder
Sandy Liu
CPO, Co-Founder
Davey Sherwinter
CMO, Co-Founder
Devin Gray
Crystal Johnson
Senior Operations Manager
Karissa Cooper
Head of People
Arnold Smithson
Associate Engineer
Drew Binkley
Sr. Product Designer


Dr. Stefan Beyer
Managing Partner
Oak Security
Justin Schmidt
Fmr. Head of Digital Asset Markets
Goldman Sachs
Coley O'Brien
Co-Founder, Partner
44 Venture Opportunities
Patrick Gluesing
President / COO
The StoneHill Group

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A letter from our CEO

Brightvine is giving the power back to investors; the power to improve our planet and our communities. Here you not only gain access to the highest quality, most trusted digital offerings, but to each other. That connection is what strengthens us and is the greatest catalyst for change.

Joe Vellanikaran

Founder and CEO

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Our leadership

Joe Vellanikaran
Chief Executive Officer
Devin Gray
Chief Technology Officer
Sandy Liu
Chief Product Officer
Davey Sherwinter
Chief Marketing Officer
Karissa Cooper
Head of People
Tim Near
Senior Product Manager

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