Welcome to a new world of wealth

Welcome to a new world of wealth

At Brightvine, we’re lighting the way to a new era of wealth. Join the waitlist for updates and future early access to a blockchain-powered platform combining the power of DeFi with access to the $123T global fixed-income market.

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Brightvine is not a FINRA member broker-dealer. For any activities indicated that may require FINRA membership, Brightvine is not conducting such activities, in general, and for such activities, in particular.
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What if we could invest
in a brighter future?

Shape the future you want to see with unprecedented access to:

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Real Estate
This is a drawing of a brightvine solar panel to represent environmental, social, and governance loans.
ESG Loans
A drawing of a brightvine home to represent mortgages.

A new playing field


Introducing the new world of wealth. A world that will be powered by a community of like-minded peers. Where insights and shared-knowledge will illuminate the path ahead. Where trusted alternative asset classes long reserved for institutions will be at your fingertips. And where you can leverage the power of DeFi to make digital investments with real-world impact.

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Planting the seeds


Brightvine’s blockchain-powered platform will allow issuers to seamlessly tokenize NFTs and other digital assets and offer them directly to investors.  Brightvine’s smart data warehouse will unlock unprecedented insight, data accuracy, and analytics in a secure, trustless, and immutable environment.

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Grow new connections


Tomorrow’s transformational technology is here today. Streamlining the creation of digital assets will soon form a direct connection between Issuers and Investors that has never been possible with legacy technologies. Brightvine will enable new pathways to trading, liquidity, and investment.

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