A New Infrastructure
For Structured Finance

A New Infrastructure
For Structured Finance

See how Brightvine's compliant, blockchain-powered platform enables clients to sell and finance assets faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.

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Brightvine is not a FINRA member broker-dealer. For any activities indicated that may require FINRA membership, Brightvine is not conducting such activities, in general, and for such activities, in particular.
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Revolutionize the way you issue, securitize and fundraise for:

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Real Estate

Asset Sales and Financing


Brightvine users save costs through faster time to close, easier due diligence, and automated processes. Loan and Servicing data and documents are ingested to a validated repository, creating a single source of truth across the supply chain.

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Seamless Securitization


Loans and their associated documents can be pooled and securitized through Brightvine. Manual, time consuming processes for coordinating data across stakeholders in a securitization are now streamlined and automated, resulting in 4X faster time to close.

Learn about the first bank sub-debt securitization leveraging blockchain technology ->

Access To Real World Assets


Smart contracts allow manual and expensive processes to be conducted for a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional asset sales. Investors looking for strong, risk-adjusted yields from curated issuers of fixed income assets can now access products that were once out of reach.

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