A New Infrastructure
For Structured Finance

A New Infrastructure
For Structured Finance

See how Brightvine's AI & blockchain-powered data management platform enables better acuracy, transparency, and efficiency across the life of a mortgage.

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Better Data = A Brighter Future

Brightvine uses technology to eliminate data errors and increase mortgage liquidity


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Precision document stacking powered by
machine learning

A drawing of a brightvine home to represent mortgages.

Object character recognition captures and structures data points from documents

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Eliminating tedious stare and compare work with AI generated exception reports

A drawing of a brightvine home to represent mortgages.

Document repository and trade management tools validated by the blockchain

Due Diligence


Collateral management tools streamline processes by automatically classifying, extracting, and validating data from loan documents. Time-consuming, manual tasks, such as stare and compare work are eliminated and validated data can be seamlessly shared across multiple parties.

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Trade Management


Loan and Servicing data and documents are ingested to a validated repository, creating a single source of truth across stakeholders. Automated workflows and powerful permissioned sharing allow data to be seamlessly shared with buyers and other third parties in multiple formats.

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Seamless Securitization


Loans and their associated documents can be pooled and shared through Brightvine. Manual, time consuming processes for coordinating data across stakeholders in a securitization are now streamlined and automated, resulting in 4X faster time to close.

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